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The Diego Martians!

So here’s an update,

Diego Martians. Yeah. I’m not even gonna freestyle much of the information. I’m gonna copy and paste from the Diego martians website lol Just know that we’re good guys. lol. We play good music, we got some really good mixes that you can download on the website www.diegomartians.com.

Hans Des Vignes – is a Television Presenter (host of Promenade Countdown and Movements on T&T’s #1 TV station CCN TV6), Event Host and Morning Show Radio Announcer on T&T’s #1 radio station, Boom Champions 94.1. His career in MCing and DJing spans over 10 years.

Darren “Gonzo” Hosang Rudder – is the Production Manager at T&T’s #1 radio station, Boom Champions 94.1, has also been DJing for the past 10 years in various events even before the advent of the Diego Martians Team, and has proven to be one of Trinidad and Tobago’s best.

Rondell “Tegareg Speedy” Ruiz – is a Music Producer and Remixer with a catalog of top soca tracks and accreditations under his belt over the last 8 years. A qualified production engineer, Radio Host (on stations such as Star 94.7fm & 96.1WEFM) and MC, Rondell has gained respect from some of the Caribbean’s top artistes for his work.